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No Straight Thing
Available in Hardcover, Paperback, and Ebook

"With its vivid atmosphere and unforgettable characters, No Straight Thing is a treat for fans of suspenseful historical fiction."

~ BlueInk Reviews, Starred


Veteran, Fergus Muir meets a troubled little girl who reminds him of his late wife. She leads in him down a path to discover the darker side of their small town, rife with vagrancy, violence, and hypocrisy, to find the person responsible for the murder of his wife's brother. A man who saved his life during WW1.  

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Perpetual Check
Available in Hardcover, Paperback, and Ebook

Dani Morden travels to England with and her old Aunt, Lucy. Rather than spending her holiday sipping tea and touring the countryside, she finds herself involved in the murder of a woman who had the bad grace to die in their hotel room. Convinced by her Aunt to take on the woman’s mission and deliver a package to Oxford, Dani must outsmart a cold-hearted corporate criminal and his hired killers, a member of MI5, and others, driven to greed and hatred by Cold War politics. The challenge is, she doesn’t know if the people around her are enemies or allies.

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Jack Tuesday

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...a new historical mystery

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