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It's here and more information!

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

April 13, 2018

"No StraightThing" is now available in hardcover, ebook and soft cover at, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo for the ebook version in .epub. I love the Cover with many thanks to my daughter and grand daughter. In the future, the publisher, Bear Hill Books may offer it as well, but they are still in the process of setting up. I have posted a link on my website, under My Books section which will take you directly to the Buy site! To my friends in the UK, if the ship date is too far ahead, you can order the book from any bookstore and in the same section you will find the ISBN of cover choices or ebook to make it easier to order direct from a bookstore. The same goes for Canadian bookstores if any prefer to order through Chapters or Coles, or any independent bookshop. The hardcover has naturally been released first and so has the quickest ship date.

I would really appreciate if you would tell all your friends who are interested in books of mystery, historical mystery with a little World War 1 thrown in. Those who are reading it tell me it is a good read, and it's nice to know they are enjoying it so far.

For those who are wondering why they book is not upfront available in bookstores across the county, my Publisher, Bear Hill Publishing is a startup publishing firm. Bookstores demand a large discount of over 50%, with the guarantee the unsold books will be returnable. So, being risk free, bookstores recklessly order books by the hundreds plus. The process calls for a huge outlay by the publisher and the returned books are usually in such bad shape they must be trashed. Besides assaulting my sense of waste paper, you can appreciate that as a startup company, the publisher cannot afford this type of risky outlay. I am also a startup author, whose name does not guarantee a public stampede to purchase. (As yet!) In a case like mine, the publisher takes all the monetary risks and the seller (the bookstores) absolutely none. Whew! Hence our joint decision to offer sales online only.

As I indicated before, I am limited in my marketing endeavors and I'm asking that my readers pass on a recommendation to their friends or acquaintances to buy, especially if they enjoy a good Canadian historical mystery.

Happy Reading, and don't forget to post your review, under Contacts.

March 29, 2018

So happy to hear that there are pre-orders arriving, even though it's an Easter weekend.

It has occurred to me that I should caution those who will be the first to read the complete novel. I have asked that my friends please urge one of their friends to purchase the book (and so on) and I thank you if you do take the time to do that. I am always grateful. But if you discuss any of the book with someone who has not yet read it, please do not reveal a spoiler alert to the last few chapters. I am hoping they remain a surprise to the reader.

As always I am interested in any of your comments.

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