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New for 2024

Winter comes with a vengeance. Two months of above normal temperatures lulled Albertans. Then, Christmas behind us, we awoke to blinding cold, and more to come in the weeks ahead. Well, it is Canada, and we can all say we knew winter would happen even when we hoped it might not.

2024 is here. I hope you all made resolutions, for without resolutions we can't spend the next week paving hell with them, and miss all the fun making excuses why.

I can't believe how fast 2023 went. But, considering the extensive effort invested in 2023, I should be able to. Bear Hill Books has issued a new edition of my first book, No Straight Thing, along with an artful cover.

January 9 was the issue date, and is now available on Amazon’s website. I love the updated cover, and the new theme which matches the cover of Jack Tuesday.


Drum roll. Announcing my 2023 accomplishment. Tessa Barron, Bear Hill Book’s editor supreme, now holds the completed draft of a sequel to Jack Tuesday. I will not describe my sour face when the development notes came back. All authors endure similar reactions. One famous author isolates herself from the phone to avoid expressing her complaints about her editor's suggestions. In the end, we sigh and get on with it, as 99% are valid suggestions. The other 1% is for the few objections that she agrees with. At this point, I cannot tell you when the sequel will be ready for publication and release. Watch this space.

Can I share the new title and synopsis? Not yet. Well, perhaps a hint. Readers are familiar with the fact that by the conclusion, Jack Tuesday has resolved his mystery and acquired a son he had no knowledge of. What now, you may ask?

I wish you all a beneficial and joyful 2024, and thank you for your support and feedback on my books. I appreciate you all.


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