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Jack Tuesday

Finally! the latest historical mystery is finished and scheduled to be issued January 31, 2023 by Bear Hill Publishing. The ARC is finished and out for review. I try not to think about it or else I break out in anxiety, and nervous imaginings.

The setting is Alberta during the 1970's, and the plot centers around a police officer, named Jack Tuesday. Or is it his real name? Well, he is accused of his partner and best friend's murder. Jack's story weaves between a mysterious neighbor with a WW2 past, and a new love interest, and unfruitful efforts to prove his innocence while avoiding being killed himself.

You can check out the book and pre-order at

As always, and like every author who has spent months endlessly writing and rewriting I hope my readers enjoy the finished product. If you do, and even if you don't, leave a review. Authors and publishers appreciate reviews.

The book will be distributed to Amazon, Chapters Indigo, Barnes and Noble, and wherever books are sold. I will post a reminder just before it actually is distributed.

Meanwhile, winter is upon us again, and came early to Alberta with lots of snow. The weather was so pleasant up to the early November, it looked as though sunshine and warmth would continue forever. Ha. We woke up one morning with enough snow so that people rushed for boots and winter gear. And shovels. As my grandson said, the world outside looked as though we already had winter for a month. Well, at least it covered the leaves in the back yard that I was going to rake the next day.

My house is in the middle of repairs needed because of an unnoticed roof leak, which required extensive repairs to the front entrance, and exposed damaged studs within the wall itself. Has anyone tried to hire a company which does building repair work? Or roofing repairs? The labour shortage in Alberta, and perhaps the rest of Canada, is acute. The door repairs which started in April, 2922 is stalled while we wait, and I have been looking at unfinished walls requiring drywall, painting, finishing trim as well as additional repair to floors and walls. I was hoping to have it completed by the onset of winter, and now have revised that hope to maybe by Christmas, 2022. We can only hope and cross our fingers. Unfinished walls defined by asbestos insulation are not a new form of decor. Meanwhile, the furniture formerly in the room to be repaired is presently stacked helter-skelter in my living room.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and pray we all keep clear of the flu and Covid outbreaks. Keep safe.

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