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Release Day here! February 21, 2023

The exciting day has arrived. After all the edits, corrections, publishing the ARC, getting beta readers and reviews, the hour has come, and now, you all have the opportunity to become acquainted with Jack Tuesday. ARC readers tell me they found him interesting, funny and one person even went so far as "great." Okay, I'll accept that. He certainly argued with me a lot, and I even let him have his own way most of the time. I hope you find him interesting too.

I am particularly pleased with the cover, which my talented editor, Tessa Barron of Bear Hill Publishing created. While she was in her creative mood, she made matching theme covers for the other two books, No Straight Thing, and Perpetual Check. The plan is to create a boxed set of three books, sometime in the future.

Writing is hard and lonely. Most of us end up talking to ourselves and the characters, just for company. Even at the last minute most authors want to keep on editing, until finally, we refuse to even open the manuscript again lest there is a new thought a word needs changing, even when it doesn't.

So in that vein, our highest hope is that the reader finds the story absorbing, the adventure exciting, the ending satisfactory. If so, I only ask that after you have read the book, you leave a review on the site where you purchased it. It doesn't have to be a paragraph; even one sentence will do. Reviews are like roses to authors. A future buyer, deciding which book to buy as the next read, may just choose mine based on your review. If you like the book, brag it up to your friends and acquaintances or people at work. If you belong to a book club, suggest Jack Tuesday for the next discussion.

So far, the reviews from book review agencies have been gratifying. There are more to come, and I keep my fingers crossed.

Spring is on the way, thank goodness. I wish you all happy reading.

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