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Perpetual Check is out!

October 4, 2019

Release date of my new cozy mystery was September 24, 2019. I think Tess Barron designed a great cover, and the books are available now to buy from Barnes and Noble, Chapters-Indigo online, and the publisher at Bearhillbooks in their bookstore. You can read a preview on my website and any of the store's website.

You can obtain copies at any of your favorite bookstores as well. Just ask at the desk for Perpetual Check and the author's name, me, and it will be ordered for you.

Copies are also available at Amazon, but I am actually discouraging Amazon because no sales of my last book "No Straight Thing," from Amazon were credited to me as sales, leading me to assume all the sales revenue was retained by them. As well, people waited up to eight weeks for delivery, and even later orders that I saw were on the first edition, and not the later editions with a new cover. Suspicions are that Amazon is printing their own copies and selling them instead of ordering through Ingram, the distributor. It seems that Amazon is so big, they can do whatever they want with no penalty.

So, unless it is unavoidable, I would be happier if orders of Perpetual Check be from alternative sources, as listed on my website. Alternative sources also deliver in a short time!

And as always, I would appreciate your review and what you liked about the story, and what you didn't like. Reviews are always appreciated. If you like it, don't keep it to yourself. Tell your friends and relatives.

Happy Reading!

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