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New Places to Buy

Great News! My publisher has been working toward adding new sources to buy from their book list. We have heard that so many people waited, or are waiting, for to ship a book. Even after notifying the buyer the book has been shipped it has been more than four weeks before the book finally arrives, if at all. So, I'm happy to announce you can now buy "No Straight Thing" from Chapters Online, which is likely the cheapest price now if we consider the exchange rate on the Canadian Dollar. And the ebook can be purchased from Kobo.

Also recently added is the bookstore at BearHill Publishing, where you can buy direct from my Publisher. has added the convenience of PayPal, and shipping within ten days too. I tested it myself and was pleasantly surprised to have a parcel arrive by Purolator shipping within ten days. The purchase link has been added to my website in the Books page, as well as the link to Chapters Online. Yay!

I have been getting some pleasing vocal and email reviews from people who have finished the book. We've also got rid of some typos. that people have found. Ha! Even though the book has been through four edits, some typos are still found. Some have not cared, and said they never saw any. Nothing keeps in the way of a good story, and if you are like me, my eyes mostly see what words they want to see as logically following one another. People have told me they have learned a lot about the Great Depression and how it affected people and have added it is nice to read about places familiar to them. In other words, about Alberta.

The next book "Perpetual Check" has been submitted to the Editor, an always anxious moment when I have to let go of the story and let someone else take over and leaving me to bite my nails to see what comes back. It is like homework which is never done. The book is scheduled to come out in the early spring 2019.

Just a reminder, please, please post a review to my Facebook page or on my website Contact page. I really love to hear your opinions about the book. Even a word or two or one line.

Happy Canada Day.

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