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What You Find When Cleaning

March 23, 2019.

I am sorting through all the detritus we humans tend to collect through the years, garbage bags handy. The thought that someday, we may leave this earth and leave all the "treasures" for other people to clean up and muddle through does not fill me with pleasure. Hence, the early spring clean out. I found a number of short stories that I had written as assignments in the numerous Creative Writing classes, both when I lived in Edmonton and in White Rock. Some stories not so bad with a bit of editing, some laughable and given the toss. I did find some poetry scraps, along with one I had written about my daughter when she was just going on sixteen, I believe. It brought back a memory, about which I still feel rather soppy.

Our Summer weekends were generally spent at Sylvan Lake; me spread out on the beach getting fried and storing up future sun damaged skin. (unfortunately now beginning to show). I was watching my son and daughter teasing each other or whatever, when I suddenly realized Brenda was no longer a child. I think every parent gets that shock followed with the idea that we have missed something in the meantime.

To my Daughter

Your whole world was

Kittens and puppies

All those things little girls do

Time was only today

I watched

You running across the sand

Light shimmering

Over shapes and curves

Bubbling laughter thru long hair

Windblown across your face

You had suddenly shed

Plain paper wrapping

All luster and beauty

Shining beneath.

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